Mineral Prospectors Like Mick Shmazian Find Needed Resources

June 16, 2018
Mick Shmazian’s efforts, like those of all mineral prospectors, rely heavily on tried and true methods and systems for locating mineral resources. That is one way they tend to keep prices lower than they otherwise would be, which is good for everyone, from companies and manufacturers to consumers. Technological advancements, like computers, tablets and smartphone technology, use large amounts of relatively scarce mineral resources.

Mineral prospecting is a highly skilled profession, and what prospectors do is an extremely important element of mineral production. That makes a prospector like Mick Shmazian a critical component of a large portion of the world economy. Whether he is searching for gold, silver, oil, coal, diamonds, or some other mineral critical to building technologically advanced systems, a highly professional prospector like Mick Shmazian will usually be involved in every step and every stage of the process, from start to finish, and there is a reason for that; his profession is an indispensable part of the entire process.